Ragemas Presents...

a Holiday Ball hosted by Niket & friends
on Saturday, December 6th 2014
at Venue 550 in San Francisco


For most of you, this is your first year. For some of you, it's your second or third. And for 40 of us, this is our fourth Ragemas. Four years ago Ragemas was 39 people and one Santa Claus in the bottom of a bar. It grew into 100 friends when we ruined a house in Pac Heights. Last year we rose to the occasion when 300 people partied alongside our aerial and brazillian samba dancers.

Ragemas Pic 1
Ragemas Pic 2

And so, Ragemas returns.

In an effort to take the party to new heights, we looked to the past. In 2014, we present to you the 1960’s: Black Tie Black Dress. A new spin on a grand ol’ time. Like any star-studded event, people are flying domestic and international to get here. We’re single-handedly keeping Delta alive with the amount of people flying into SFO. Virgin called us yesterday and said “Thanks.” We texted back “k”.

Ragemas Pic 3

This year we bit the bullet, and dangerously advanced an open bar. We have a venue that’s 3x the size with 10x the sound. In fact, everything is better this year; the only thing missing is Frank and Nancy. We built a time machine to go back to 1966 and invite them, but they were busy. We stole a couple tuxedos instead.

Did we mention this is going to be a fancy thing? If you didn’t realize that, you probably shouldn’t come. We encourage you to dig deep into your closet and muster the courage (and affection) to bring someone special along for this can’t-miss event. There’ll be plenty of mingling for our guests riding solo. Whoever said Martinis can’t hold a conversation?

Your biggest fans,

Niket & the Ragemas Crew

PS Want more history? Here's some photos from last year and the year before.


Venue 550 is the brainchild of experienced entrepreneur Rick Haynes and was conceived to be the go-to venue for San Francisco tech events. Rick has 20 years of nightclub design, concepts, parties and management under his belt - including a stint throwing concerts for the likes of Incubus, Tommy Lee and George Clinton. He made headlines recently when he opened Lolita's Cantina and Tequila bar in Las Vegas - the first nightclub in the U.S. with holographic entertainment.

Pic 1 of Venue

"Venue 550 is unique in its design and purpose. Built as a fully functioning television studio, this two story party-palace will knock the socks off even the most hard-to-impress Silicon Valley socialites."

Pic 2 of venue

Among Venue 550's impressive list of gear is a massive EAW sound system, an assortment of amps and mixers, a customizable computerized lighting system, spotlights and lasers, 10 PCs with 55" monitors and HD webcams, 6 game consoles, 3 large wall projectors controlled by an array of video mixers, switchers, and DVD players - and a custom build 14-foot holographic display to top it all off.

Venue Pic 3



Doors open
Cocktail hour at the open bar
Opening address


Kamikaze Butterfly Jazz Quintette
Guest of Honor annoucements
Surprise event #1 (TBA 11/18)


Booze refuel: Still an open bar
DJ Baldwin: Keep those feet alive
Surprise event #2 (TBA 11/21)


Raffle & prizes
DJ Young Peezy: Burn it off
Surprise event #3 (TBA 12/1)


Nightcap: Yep, still open bar
Mingle as the lights come up
Sort out your evening company
Uber home safely, kids